Thirteen ways to put your stuff into Evernote

My business and life was never cluttered like the woman in the picture. I had the opposite problem.

Get rid of the clutter with Evernote

I stored everything away in color coded, bold labeled, vertical filing cabinets. My office was neat as a pin. I looked like I had my act together.

But … ask me to find something for you and sweat would break out on my brow and my heart would start racing, because I knew … I looked good, but I couldn’t find a damn thing.

In 2008 all of that changed. I discovered Evernote!

What started off as a cumbersome, albeit, much improved way to organize my business and life – has evolved into a very sophisticated program for storing and retrieving whatever I need in a few short seconds.

Ask me for something now and before you finish asking – I can show it to you with MY Evernote.

And I can do it sitting in a diner, in a meeting with a client or the cab of my truck with my iphone, ipad or any other mobile device.

Can you say, “Life is good?”

Here are thirteen very simple and intuitive ways to get any and all of your content into Evernote:

1. Create notes, articles, to do lists and more using the Evernote post editor.

I create lots of notes directly to Evernote using there very convenient post editor or when out via my iphone evernote app.

Evernote post editor

2. Send emails directly into Evernote.

You can forward any email to your unique Evernote address, and it will show up in your default notebook a few seconds later. I do this throughout the day and I add additional comments or thoughts to the email and tag it for easy access when I need to reference it.

I subscribe to several blogs so I set up filters within my email client to automate forwarding their posts directly into my read later notebook within Evernote. This keeps my inbox from getting cluttered and gives me easy access to those posts when I’m sitting in traffic or waiting on my gorgeous bride while she’s shopping for shoes. :)

Evernote account information

P.S. I recommend the paid version of Evernote. The free version is nice, but the paid version is so much more flexible.I do not get paid for endorsing Evernote.

3. I scan bills, invoices, old pictures, biz cards, directly into Evernote.

My office is paperless. But … stuff still comes via snail mail. Which means, I still have to process some paper. If I determine I need to save a copy of something, I scan it directly into Evernote with my ScanSnap scanner. Then I file away the paper in my recycling bin.

scan documents directly into Evernote

P.S. I’ve had my scanner for 3 years with no problems. It’s easy to use and sits quietly on my desk occupying a space about the size of a standard hardcover book.

4. The Evernote Web Clipper is a Content Curator on STEROIDS.

I review many websites and blogs each week. I use the Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome to clip the things that interest me directly into Evernote. Then I assign it to a notebook and add any relevant tags. Evernote has these extensions or add-ins available for most browsers.

Evernote webclipper

You’ll love reading the article highlighted in the above image. It’s one of my most popular posts among my Google Plus family. Click here and another tab will open so you can read it later. Enjoy!

P.S. As a writer and content creator, curation of ideas is vital to my success. Evernote makes curation a no brainer.

5. Copy and paste directly into Evernote

There are plenty of times when all I need is a paragraph or a quote. No problem. I just select the text, copy it to the clipboard, and then use a keyboard shortcut to save whatever is on the clipboard to a new note.

copy and past directly into Evernote

6. Drag files directly into Evernote.

When I want to save a file to Evernote, I can select it in Finder and drag it to the Evernote icon on the dock. Evernote then creates a new note with the file attached.

drag from finder directly into Evernote

Note: There are limits with the free version. You can save images, audio files, and PDF files. With the premium version, you can attach any kind of file.

7. Print a file directly into Evernote from other programs.

If you are working on a file in another program and want to save a copy in Evernote, you can select File | Print and then (at least on a Mac) “print” a PDF of the file to Evernote. Note that when you save a PDF to Evernote, it becomes fully searchable.

Print documents from other programs directly into Evernote

8. Save a file directly into Evernote from other programs

By accessing the Evernote file on your computer you can then save file directly into Evernote

save documents from other programs directly into Evernote

9. Record a voice message directly within Evernote.

I coach individuals and organizations on the habits of success. Most of these coaching sessions happen via skype, telephone or google plus hangouts. I have authorization from my clients to record these sessions using Evernote. It gives them an opportunity to go back and get clarity on something that was discussed and it’s autobiographical.

Record a voice message directly into Evernote

I also use an inexpensive transcription service so that finding a particular statement or question is made easy with Evernote’s powerful search engine.

10. Record a voice message into Evernote from the iphone or other smartphone app.

Great ideas and things you remember-that you forgot, don’t understand when you’re driving or walking and can’t text – because that would be dangerous. Right?

No worries. With the smartphone app, I simply record notes to myself and sometimes with the other persons permission, a phone conversation, meeting, or a lecture.

No more losing those priceless thoughts, trying to remember what was said or taking notes and most importantly – No more texting while driving.

record a voice message from the Evernote iphone app directly and sync with Evernote automatically

11. Send iphone photos to evernote using Fast Ever Snap

The Fast Ever Snap app is one of my favorite ways to leverage the power of Evernote. I take pictures of things like the VIN number of my car and truck, the model and serial numbers on my appliances, interesting pictures for future blog posts, strange looking bugs in my garden, the attic fan that crapped out on me, the water flooding my garage, etc.

When I snap an image, the app allows me to add comments, crop and edit and assign tags and when I push the save button it sends it directly into my Evernote for future access.

Fastever Snap

12. Automate note creation where possible using IFTTT

If you’ve never heard of IFTTT, you should check it out. It stands for If This-Then That and it’s a web app that allows you to save data from one social networking application to another application – automatically. You do not have to be technical to set it up and it works very well with Evernote! I use IFTTT to automatically add routine notes to Evernote.

For example: I use it to send certain tweets to Evernote

if twitter then evernote

I use Twitter throughout the day and occasionally there’s some useful information in my tweets that’s worth capturing.  So I setup a task in IFTTT to send those tweets to a note in Evernote. It’s interesting to go back through previous tweets … and find yourself saying, what the hell was I thinking or Hmmm … that was me that said that.

The key takeaway here is automation. I don’t have to spend time capturing these notes in Evernote. I go on with my normal everyday behavior and all of this data is captured and added to my “timeline” automatically.

13. Use Mac service to automate.

This is a bit technical, but I found it worth the effort. You can create a new “Mac service” that allows you to right-click on a file in Finder and send it directly to Evernote. You can also create an Auto Import folder using the Mac’s “Folder Actions.” Once you set it up, any file you save or drag into that folder will be immediately added to Evernote.

Learn how to automate using your mac

The Rub

For a novice it will take approx: 6-8 hours to set-up these functions. And it will take several months to fully automate and make these steps an effective success habit.

The benefits

◾ No more lost notes, things falling through the cracks, lost thoughts or ideas, dangerous texting while driving.
◾ Curate ideas, concepts, discussions, notes, vital information, quotes, images and anything else your heart desires.
◾ Find what you need-when you need it, at your office, in your car or on the other side of the planet.
◾ Reduce keystrokes to the lowest common denominator.
◾ Increased output and profitability.
◾ Find your desk again.
◾ Say bye, bye to the stress.
◾ Sleep better.

For more information or to set up a test drive consultation use the form below, call me direct at (757) 284-1939 or better yet +Les Dossey me on Google Plus

Question: What are your biggest issues with getting and staying organized?

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